Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Moving House

We are moving house - you forget just how much work and sorting out there is involved in moving home!!! The countdown has begun - 2 weeks today.

Ebay, charity shops, free-cycle will all benefit from my years worth of hoarding and inability to get rid of anything. This time I have to though. There isn't much storage at the new house and I am having to be ruthless!!!!


Tuesday, 24 September 2013

My little dragonfly

I follow a great blog from "over 40 and a mum to one" - and she is running a competition to win the wonderful book: Bizzy the butterfly and the creepy crawly co-operating caterillar

I wanted to share this great pic of my son dressed up as a dragonfly at his school ugly bugs ball. It was a great home made costume and the kids had a fab time.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Reviewing Ariel 3in1 pods

I have kindly been accepted by to product test Proctor & Gamble's new Ariel 3in1 pods. They are washing machine pods that in a nutshell: clean, brighten and remove stains - all in one pod.
I received a box of pods for myself and 10 individual pods for me to pass on to family and friends to try out and feed back on.

So far - I have tried them washing my kids school uniform and husbands stinky gym clothes. I must admit to being rather impressed. The clothes smell amazing and fresh. The colours of the clothes are nice and bright. My first impressions are good.

The Ariel 3in1 Project Starter Kit

The Ariel 3in1 Pod

First completed load of washing

Thursday, 29 August 2013

This is Me...... And I'm going to try Blogging


I'm really inspired by the many bloggers out there who have got great sites reviewing, commenting and generally sharing all kids of great information on the web.
So I thought I'd try this too.

I'm going to really think about what I want out of a blog - and then get on and do it.

See you next time for a good old chat about me and what my blog is going to be about.